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Get the full enjoyment of your backyard. Mosquito reduction is a monthly program that treats not only the perimeter of your home but the surrounding yard and natural areas around your home. Giving you a more enjoyable back yard experience. Services  run from March-October.


Have your entire yard treated. Yard treatments help prevent ants, fleas, ticks and a wide variety of other nuisance yard pest. Includes unlimited spot treatments if your mounds come back or you have any other unwanted guests. Combine this with the seasonal mosquito program and turn you back yard into an island oasis.


We offer competitively priced pest control services for rent houses, duplexes and fourplexes. The frequency of service is up to the landlord, but we have had the best results with 2 to 12 services per year.


Our Quarterly Pest Control is our most popular service. It not only includes 4 scheduled visits per year (quarterly), but also unlimited retreats for covered pests at no additional charge. The covered pests include: Household Ants, Roaches(excludes German Roaches), Spiders, Scorpions, Silverfish, Centipedes, Millipedes, Paper Wasps, Pill bugs, Earwigs, Crickets, Springtails and Mice. Getting rid of pest harborage is a big deal so while we are at your home we will go ahead and knock down those unsightly cobb webs and spider webs while we are there.


Pests are constantly reproducing and re-invading. That's why regular pest control maintenance works thebest. However, we do understand some clients only want one-time treatments. It costs a little more, but we can offer one time treatments for any of our pest control programs as well as some others like German roach control.


In addition to taking care of your home, we can take care of your business too. Our goal with commercial pest control is to make sure your clients and employees feel safe with what we are doing and that our work and appearance exceeds expectations.

Pest Solutions Experts Serving Georgia for 20 Years  

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Ants Services

Seeing ants can not only be overwhelming but can also make us aware that bigger issues are following. Don’t fight this battle along let us help you out.

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German Service

As we all know Cockroaches are one of the nasties and hardest to control pest. They always bring many of their friends and not to mention the illness to your home.  We can help you out with this overwhelming infestation. 

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Termite Service

Termites are very busy and can do a lot of damage to your most valuable investment.  You no longer need to worry let us help protect your home.

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Cockroach Service

A cockroach is one of the scariest roaches to find your home.  Not only is there a fear of an infestation but also of the different sickness that can be found due to roaches. 

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Mosquitoes Service

As we all know nothing is more aggravating than enjoying your back yard and having to fight off the mosquitoes.  We can help in making your oasis the best it can be and keeping unwanted pest out.

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Spider Service

A thorough spider treatment can prevent those late-night screams of a spider sitting beside you.  This is a much-needed service for all structures.

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